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About us

Mirada Media has been found in 2006. For several clients we have made all kinds of videos. Take a look at our portfolio for an overview of a number of clients. We also participated in several (national) television productions.

Involved and an eye for detail
We would like to be involved in your project. Together we work on a story that touches your audience. During the production we stay in close contact. The video is not a product of Mirada Media, it's your product!

Movements in the video are of great importance. It makes the movie more dynamic and it gives a chic look. Every movement with the camera in the video has a meaning, because you send the audience in a certain direction. So besides camera, lighting and sound equipment, we have additional equipment with us: Helicopter, Steadycam, crane and rails.

Specialization in videos for the food industry
Mirada Media has a lot of experience in producing videos for companies in the food industry. Our substantive knowledge in the field of hygiene combined with knowledge of the visual transmission of information result in a great product.

We also work together with Adviesbureau Burggraaf & Partners, EHEDG en Hyfoma. This industry-specific knowledge enables us to film a particular business in the best way possible.

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